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Mike’s Metal Works – Meets Challenging Deadline

When this San Diego, CA fabricator was unable to meet a customer’s deadline, they knew it was time to replace their outdated equipment. They had heard about the PythonX and decided to take a look at it at FABTECH and bought it immediately. When they implemented the PythonX into their production process, they didn’t anticipate the new opportunities that the PythonX would open up.


1. Missed opportunities

Because they strictly focused on miscellaneous, they were missing out on a lot of
structural opportunities that their competitors were bidding on.

2. Unable to meet deadlines with outdated technology

Unable to meet a customer’s deadline with their current outdated technology, they knew
they had to upgrade their equipment.



An industry expert recommended the PythonX STRUCTURAL, and they had watched
PythonX STRUCTURAL videos online and were amazed at the speed that the PythonX
STRUCTURAL processed structural steel. So they decided to take a closer look at FABTECH and bought it on the spot. The primary reason they chose PythonX STRUCTURAL is that Lincoln Electric makes it, and they were impressed with the quality, workmanship, and support that are superior to competitive systems.


PythonX STRUCTURAL, a versatile and complete solution that requires only 1 operator and no programming. All processing operations are automated, resulting in increased productivity, unmatched cut quality, predictable, and consistent throughput.


When they implemented the PythonX into their production process, they didn’t anticipate
its effectiveness and the new opportunities that the PythonX STRUCTURAL would open
up with other customers with their new manufacturing potential. Growth was imminent.

  • PythonX paid for itself with its first job processing 500 pieces of steel
  • Decrease in Time Required for Processing: To complete infill beam production from a minimum of 90 minutes to 6-8 minutes
  • Revenue Growth – 124% Increase In Revenue Over 3 Years