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#1 Robotic Structural Steel Fabrication System in the World

PythonX® from Lincoln Electric® is the #1 Robotic Structural Fabrication System in the world, and is trusted by more end users with 380+ systems installed worldwide.

A versatile and complete solution that automates processing operations in your fabrication shop while providing you with increased productivity, unmatched cut quality, predictable and consistent throughput as well as our signature simplicity of operation. PythonX STRUCTURAL continues to develop and provide innovative solutions that help your business where it counts the most . . . your bottom line.

One PythonX Replaces . . .

  • Beam Drill Line
  • Bandsaw
  • Angle Line
  • Plate/Bar Line
  • Coping Machine
  • Marking Machine

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Anyway to get a list of company's that have this machine

Nows the best time to buy PythonX equipment. Contact us to find out whats the best equipment for your fab shop http://ow.ly/B0oG50BLm2T
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