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M&G Steel – Key to Success is Embracing New Technology

M&G Steel in Oakville, ON, Canada decided to take a leap of faith and purchased one of the first PythonX systems ever manufactured. Twelve years later, the PythonX is better than ever and has proven to be the most reliable piece of equipment they have ever owned.


M&G Steel is not your typical structural steel fabricator; they do more customized
structural steel. Their niche is working on and through very complex projects that
present challenges in engineering, site access, tight timelines and coordination. Their
customers expect a quality product that is on time and as cost-effective as possible in the
market and sometimes that can be a challenge. So they needed to think outside the box
to find a way to provide a good quality product to their customers at a competitive price.


Since they performed all fab shop operations manually, they quickly needed to get upto-date with technology. M&G realized that adding a traditional drill line and saw only
brought their capabilities to that of their competitors. What they were looking for was
something that gave them a distinct advantage over others within their market. 


Coincidentally, they received a CD from PythonX in the mail, and once they viewed the CD, they were impressed with this new technology. PythonX STRUCTURAL was completely different from any of the other machines that they were considering. So they took a leap of faith and purchased it a week later. After 14 years, the PythonX STRUCTURAL is better than ever and has proven to be the most profitable piece of equipment they have ever owned. 


Increased Throughput – Production More Than Doubled

Performance – 14+ Years in Business