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PythonX Academy Delivers High Quality Training To Your Operators

PythonX Academy is a new, fully on-line training system to bring your operators up to speed quickly, so you always operate at Maximum Efficiency:

  • 24/7 access to the Academy
  • In-depth training for VersaFab Studio mastery
  • Cost-effective: no travel, no time off the shop floor
  • Enhances operator confidence and skill
  • Improve uptime with rapid new operator training


The Value of VersaFab Studio

Intelligent software for Powerful Plasma Cutting – Improving Operational Efficiency

VersaFab Studio increases production and lowers overhead costs. Software that gives your operator full control of material handling, job processing, reporting & machine maintenance. Direct Import of Files allows for efficient handling of your files to the machine – improving production capabilities.


    3D Intuitive Interface

    PythonX Plate Robot

    New and improved touch-screen includes wide screen display, 3D viewing and standardized UI across all Lincoln Electric platforms.

    Direct Import of Files

    PythonX Plate Cutting

    Access multiple file types (.stp/.dxf/.dwg / .DSTV / .DSTV+) Create custom features unique to your business needs using PythonX Builder.


    Material optimization through nesting means less scrap material, saving your business time and money.

    Step-by-Step Display

    Operators enjoy the ability to organize jobs and optimize resources using a detailed operation display.

    Feature Rich Abilities

    PythonX Plate Squaring

    Precise, Fast, Efficient: equip your operator to add holes, notches, copes, bevels, scribe marks and weld preparation features.

    PythonX Academy

    PythonX Plate Operator Station

    24/7 access to our on-line training platform – 30 hours of training, 125 videos – unlimited tools and resources to make your team experts in the field.