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Save your business time and money with PythonX Academy, an in-depth training series for operator mastery. Less downtime, better performance, better results.:

  • 24/7 access to over 50+ training videos
  • Cost-effective: no travel, no time off the shop floor
  • Enhance operator confidence and skill
  • In-depth system training guided by our team of experts
  • Full system training – material handling, equipment & software operation, system maintanence and troubleshooting
  • Easily assign and track course completion


3D Intuitive Interface

PythonX Plate Robot

New and improved touch-screen includes wide screen display, 3D viewing and standardized UI across all Lincoln Electric platforms.

Direct Import of Files

PythonX Plate Cutting

Access multiple file types including (.stp/.dxf/.dwg / .DSTV / .DSTV+) Create custom features unique to your business needs using PythonX Builder.


Material optimization through nesting means less scrap material, saving your business time and money.

Step-by-Step Operations Display

Organize jobs and optimize resources using a detailed operation display.

Feature Rich Abilities

PythonX Plate Squaring

Precise, Fast, Efficient. Software that equips your operator to add holes and hole patterns, cut copes, bevels, pop marks and weld preparation features.

PythonX Academy

PythonX Plate Operator Station

24/7 access to our on-line training platform – 30 hours of training, 125 videos – unlimited tools and resources to make your team experts in the field.

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