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Be the Lowest Cost per Ton Producer

In Structural Steel Fabrication, the Lowest Cost per Ton Producer usually wins.

But, if you pay about the same as your competitor for steel and labor, how do you get to the lowest cost per ton?

You get LEAN.

PythonX STRUCTURAL is the lean machine that lets you do more with less:

  • Less Time per Piece
  • Less Material Handling
  • Less Inventory
  • Less Waiting
  • Less Waste
  • Less Space
  • Less Overhead
  • Less Programming
  • Less Errors
  • Less Scrap

We’ve been able to pass along to our customers the savings of reduced time in the shop, so we’re getting more jobs because we’ve been able to reduce our operating costs.

Bob Reiman – General Manager

Anderson Steel

PythonX instantly automates the growing fabrication shop, providing a level of  CNC sophistication that would otherwise take years and millions of dollars to reach with traditional fabrication equipment. Smaller fabrication shops of 10,000 sq. ft. and 10 to 20 employees are now using PythonX as their foundation for growth.

PythonX has made us more competitive. We can take on larger projects having a smaller margin for error. And because errors are costly, it has increased our margins on these types of projects.

Paul David Stehl – Owner & President

Stehl Coporation