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The PythonX STRUCTURAL Difference

How You Benefit

Quickest Return on Investment

  • Lowest cost per ton
  • Increased revenue per square foot
  • Starts paying for itself 4 to 6 months sooner

Fastest Delivery, Installation and Training in the Industry

  • Delivered in 4 weeks
  • 1 week installation
  • 1 week of training
  • Fully operational in just 6 weeks from order

Predictable and Sustainable Throughput

  • Ability to provide more accurate job estimates

Complex Cutting

  • Done automatically, allowing the fabricator to bid on more complex projects

Small Footprint

  • Replaces several traditional machines and conveyors
  • More room for fitting, welding and painting
  • Maximize the productivity of your existing facility’s space
  • No need to acquire a larger facility


  • Minimize material handling
  • Less stacking and storing of processed material
  • Scrap bins allow parts to be extracted without operator entering the cell
  • Parts as short as 24″ can be conveyed out of cell, instead of being removed manually
  • Auto-stop feature if door is opened during operation

Designed, Built, Supported in North America

  • Use highest quality components from best-in-class suppliers with global distribution
  • 24/7 access to dedicated support specialists
  • Commitment to support every PythonX STRUCTURAL ever built, for the service life of the machine